Until We Wake Up

Acrylic on Canvas
95cm x 65cm x 5cm

Originally, the idea was to reflect about a polar bear swimming in a sea with no icebergs, the worrying changes in climate and the challenges ahead of us. The boat floating in an empty sea, as we deplete the oceans, as we pollute and kill marine life.. So the Dodo is covering up the little sleeping boy to make sure that at least he will still live within the dream. Sleeping under the blanket of innocence. But what is it gonna be like when he grows up? He is gonna turn at us and ask questions. Why did we let this happen? Why did we sit still, knowing everything was slipping very dangerously and we did nothing? Why did we keep the blind consumption knowing pertinently that it was destroying the planet. His mother is taking support on lines of “What are we gonna tell them?” Her baby. His future. The two planets are there to remind us we are just a grain of sand lost in the Universe and still we take for granted this beautiful planet we live on. Look at the beauty. The sound of the waves rolling on the sand. The reflection of the moon rising over the ocean. The purity of Life itself. The smoking islands reflect where I live. Sitting on a burning furnace called the Ring of Fire.. pumping under our feet and spitting smoke through one of the many calderas around us. It’s exciting.


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Reproductions are printed on canvas at (80% X 80%) of the original size, already mounted on a stretcher.

Print: Acrylic on Canvas, Synthetic Grass, Wooden Frame
95cm x 65cm x 5cm


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