The Southern Lights

Acrylic on Canvas
60cm x 130cm x 4.5cm

This is my first painting relating to Greenland, after spending 17days in the Fjords of Southern Greenland.

Of course, we didn’t see any polar bears, it was the end of the summer and way too hot for them. I guess the painting reflects the reality of the poles warming up and its consequences. Here the polar bear is dreaming of the good old days when he had real food to bite, when the fish was plenty and full was the belly (those are the cods we fished from the boat). But hey not much left for him now, except those two last goldfishes and a few Campbell’s fish soup tins. The blue cans are beers we drunk on a few occasions, local stuff, Isbjørn. And a wink to the Inuit people we saw totally drunk at 9 in the morning. Alcohol is a big problem in the community. There is even a picture of icebergs hanging on the shelf… Nature’s beauty in all shades of blue.

Now on the table, the whiskey bottle is empty and there is a message in it. I let you guess what is written on it.. The bear holds an old family picture in its hand. Where are they now? Is he the only, last, survivor of this era?

The hatches were our vision from the cabins, nice shiny little windows to the freezing outside world from the warm comfort of our beds and blankets.

The mountains in the back are the bay of Kulusuk, where we landed and after walking for a while we reached this magnificent bay, the boat, yellow, was just the perfect touch in this tranquil silence. The water was so much like a mirror, not a ripple, not a wave, just pure silence?

The Northern lights for sure were enchanting our nights, and will never be forgotten.


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  1. Fred

    Une œuvre magistrale! Un peu différente des autres dans les thèmes abordés, mais un magnifique instantané d’une expérience inhabituel de l’artiste, le tout chargée d’une symbolique désabusée tristement d’actualité…de loin une de mes préférées!

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