The Secret Card

Acrylic on Canvas
60cm x 100cm x 4.5cm
The secret relationship between the nun and the postman who comes to bring her a love letter. I could tell you a thousand things about this secret card entrusted, but whatever the size of it, it would not be enough to write it all. And then it would not be a secret anymore!
The coach is an old carriage from the Australian Post Office (memory of my trip in Australia) and the scene happens in the Béguinage de Bruges in Belgium. A world closed to the outside and so open to the imagination because it is indeed the inner beauty of women who play itself under the eye of Destiny. So many secrets in these monasteries of nuns, unrealized dreams, desires and fantasies, and buried pains that are all well hidden.
On the right, two other nuns gossip, are they offended? Or secretly, do they also dream of love and are jealous of it? On the left, my dog Laly Blue is also part of the trip. Would the canvas be a self-portrait then?


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