The Quintessence Beyond Time

Acrylic on canvas and please add: Paper Collage, resin
Frame size 99cm x 75cm x 4cm

As the genocide and invasion of Tibet keep unfolding, the media still being silent, and nobody seeming to care, I think it was time for me to bring light on what is happening to this peaceful people, their culture, their traditions. As artist we have a voice and I am willing to use it more and more to express my opinion about facts in this world as the mainstream media is more than ever corrupted and biased. Even in the darkest times, good deeds cannot be defeated. The idea, the pure realm of compassion is no reach for the lowers energies of the greedy. Life itself cannot be touched as it goes beyond time, beyond space, it is the source of unconditional love, seeding through the universe, inside us, all. The gravity of the material world is no match for the wide open horizon of spirituality, where kindness and compassion walk hand in hand. So I bring you to Life, in this mad world, as I am confident that Light you will find and Peace you will bring….



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Reproductions are printed on canvas at (80% X 80%) of the original size, already mounted on a stretcher.

These reproductions are similar to the original painting as they are printed on canvas. They are smaller than the original (80% X 80%) and already mounted on a stretcher. You can directly hang it on the wall once delivered. Shipping cost is included in the price.


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