The Intricate Realm of Separation

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 60cm X 100cm

It has not been an easy one in the beginning and I realized later that it had a lot to do with my actual situation. It has been quite a difficult time since the separation and this probably explains why I struggled to put the pieces together here. But it all came in place, and I can see much clearer here. Obviously Vanille’s mother has taken another direction in Life, a more down to earth, back to her roots, where she believes she will fit better. And I wish her all the very best of Happiness. Different levels of our lives here, with the present being that train, within an Horta staircase, my Delightful Belgian Roots, some suitcases there on the platform as it is a journey but also, I will be able to travel more, yeaaah, I missed it ! Holding Vanille’s hand in those confusing times for our little Princess, I do take very much care of her, and taking her to the beach to have some real fun too..good to be on the tropics ! Taking care of Vanille and painting have been my 2 main focuses, clearly reflected here, and even in the struggle, I keep my humor, with the girafa popping out of that train, showing me signs of happiness. Laly Blue Superstar , came to my house often, so I gave her food and Love and she always asked me, begged me, to follow her outside. I thought she wanted me to come along to pass that band of Local Boys hanging along the street so I walked her pass them, and turn around, but laly was also turning around back to my house and started asking me to follow her again. I realized recently that she actually asks me to follow her back to our previous house, (where Vanille’s mother still lives) and may be asking me to come “home” and live with them again… Poor Lovely Dog of my heart has also been confused by the separation and wishes to see a family back together as before.This is probably why she finds herself in the middle of the two of us, on the middle floor. I still have things to settle and organize, but for sure, I’ll prepare a nice spot for Laly to come and live with me.. I miss her and those 2 weeks when Vanille is at her mothers’ are very Lonely and I would really appreciate Laly’s presence. Now the Moon has been, strangely enough, cut in two with the speed of that train, quelque peu décoiffée elle aussi, a symbol that I haven’t truly looked into and understood yet but everything is now getting into place and I should be standing on firm ground very soon. And …Vanille wants to have her own bedroom on the first floor, and somehow, she is allowing me to set a new step in my next life, opening a space and opportunity for someone, sometimes in the future to come and live with me/us. Thanks to the support of my family, to some very precious friends, and the confidence in my work shown by new contacts allowing me to truly believe in myself and in Life and it feels good. Yeeaaaah it feels very good !!! Good to have come around this one, and to understand the message being given to me. Trust Life, Love is All So let’s Rock& Roll Baby !



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Print: Acrylic on canvas
60cm X 100cm


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