The Astro Chimp

Acrylic paint on wall. Oregon, USA.
Very nice project to complete the Trompe l’oeil trilogy in Oregon.
After “Me, The Blue Dog” (see page 2016) keeping an eye on the garden after Juliette the Donkey was abducted by Cheetos the Alien and sent back as “Elvis the Space Donkey” (see page 2017), we would have thought that life was running smoothly.
Until Miss Baker “The Astro Chimp” showed up. Apparently Cheetos ended up liking very much staying on Planet Earth and has taken up residence in the house. Miss Baker was sent to find him and there she popped up outside the window while I was in the bathroom. Afraid of being abducted and turned into a zebra, I hid to the side.
Holy Cheetos in his flowerpot is pointing at me, damned!
I hope Miss baker leaves us quickly, because frankly, I can’t see myself striped in blue and pink!
Absolutely love it.

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  1. Stacie Benefield

    This painting is absolutely amazing!

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