The Ascending Happiness of your Presence

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 75cm X 50cm x 4.5cm

New York was such a blessing that changed my Life, allowing me to really step back and start anew.. And even though some pieces are still missing at the puzzle of this romantic journey, I can see myself constructing carefully my way up to the Light.. There are many stairs, beautifully building up the floors, each step is a climb and opens to a new level of my Happiness. A buoy there for some moments might see me needing a hand but a floor up and I can already see that beautiful inflated beach ball full of colors waiting for me to enjoy the play. The sky is totally blue and I love it Baby, I am building strength on my way and I really feel being back on track.. So let’s keep dreaming, I know you are there, on the other side of the Ocean, watching, waiting, and I have no doubt that we will meet. The interesting thing is that the roots of my journey seems to blend within the depth of the landscape and I feel like connecting the dots of a much bigger frame of Life. Everything seems to fall in place and no wonder why I am flying so high. Laly Superstar wears her favorite blue coat, coz yes, even if I am moving quite a bit, she will always be my special ! So let’s trust Life to its fullest, everything is just perfect, just a question of Time. Love is All.



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Reproductions are printed on canvas at (80% X 80%) of the original size, already mounted on a stretcher.

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These reproductions are similar to the original painting as they are printed on canvas and already mounted on a stretcher. You can directly hang it on the wall once delivered. Shipping cost is included in the price.
Print size: 68cm X 45cm

1 review for The Ascending Happiness of your Presence

  1. Fred

    A typically OLamboray work, with a tribute to the architecture of a mythical city, in search of perfect love, in memory of an exotic and wild landscape…all with windows on other dimensions of its universe!

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