Sic Itur Ad Astra

Acrylic on Canvas
“While driving in Brussels, I saw that amazing circular place, all the houses were so beautiful, I had to stop and take some pictures.
Awww so inspiring!
For the “Sic Itur Ad Astra” meaning, first of all is the title. As I am in contact with quite a few people working in the Space field, nuclear sciences research of outer space radiation, also met in person the only Belgian astronaut who went to space, this is a wink to them .
Also, the meaning is “Thus one’s journey to the Stars” but also “such is the path to immortality” (which is what I am trying to achieve by highlighting Belgian Surrealism with my work and I have been introduced to be part of the National Art Collection of the Ministry of Culture in Belgium).
For the elements the buildings (dating 1899) are existent in Brussels (Place Colignon in Schaerbeek, Brussels). The blue locomotive is an exact replica of a locomotive exhibited in the “Musée du Train” in Brussels (the original is black of course, but I liked it better in Blue).
The man next to the blue giraffe is me, looking at the future (and the stars in this case) as I am going to jump on that train and continue my journey into Belgian Surrealism. The Dog on the side of the train is Laly Blue, my dog that passed away (that is why she has a cosmonaut helmet as she comes from the other side of Life in the universe) some years ago but is still very present in my heart and in my work as she accompanies me through my art in my travels.
The suitcase is symbol of travel.
There is a woman on the first floor, she is alone. I used to paint a couple kissing goodbye, I found it very romantic, but as I am single at the moment, there is no more “kiss goodbye”, and she is living her life separately from mine..
There is an owl sculpture on the right building and that is an incredible story that happened to me while I was working on that painting. An owl smashed itself on the glass porch I have at the entrance of my house while I was in my kitchen. So I went out to help him but it didn’t make it and died in my hand. The same night, a friend from the other side of the world, who had no clue about this, sent me an email with the image of a surreal painting depicting an owl reviving a bird with cosmic rays through a lens. No text. Just the picture. How odd. Coincidence. So as there was a sculpture of an owl on the building, I had to paint it even though this right part of the painting normally holds less elements to create a transparency (the disappearance of elements in my paintings is a way to reflect on the impermanence of matter through time and space).
Let the Journey Begin 🚀.
Such a rich culture I am delighted to deepen myself into, and to further the enchanting tradition of Belgian Surrealism.”


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  1. AUDE DELANNOY (verified owner)

    this magic print hangs on the wall of my office in Brussels Area and with each glance I discover a new dreamlike detail. Laly blue and my favorite giraffe are a very good company while working.

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