Nueva Vida

Mixed Media on Canvas
65cm x 150cm x 4.5cm

So here we are, The Tram is out with some sacred numbers, Laly Superstar is ready for the ride, her suitcase next to her, and here I am walking full of Love, Yes I am flying baby and I am going for it ! Nueva Vida, I open the door , it ‘s such a beautiful landscape, even have a Blue Girrafe peeping out of the Grand central Station, she surely can feel the vide! So Positive ! The Guatemalan Cowboy, I love those guys, it was such a surprise to see them, you would expect them to be dressed as Indians ( like their wives) coming down from an Maya lineage, but no, they are dressed like cowboys ! and they look amazing, and I like the idea of putting him a pink jacket, to take our the macho feeling and rather look into their heart as true loving man, a family man, might even have some beautiful children there as he is with a toy horse you know the ones we used to ride at the entrance of the supermarket when we were shopping with our mother, being kids sitting in the caddies Yeah A Green Horse for this Nueva Vida !



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Reproductions are printed on canvas at (80% X 80%) of the original size, already mounted on a stretcher.


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