Leaving the Red Lake Behind

Mixed Media on Canvas
56cm x 130cm x 4.5cm

Quite cool to explore new colors, I wanted to try a negative start that I corrected here and there and I really love it, totally new feeling from the blue skies I like to cruise in… Definitely trying to move on here as the man at the center (which is me actually) is made of Freedom words, walking to a new horizon and leaving the couple there at the side of the setting, both of them made of “Let go” words. Of course it is a weird feeling, but surely a direction I have to take, and I can tell you, the Moon is magnificent over there. A playing beach ball still stands in the middle and even if it’s very colorful, its position here is very important. Can’t wait for the wind to blow it my way 😉 . The Train well, hahahahah yeah, the Train, is there, ready, new numbers, new destination, an ocean to cross…This time, probably the Pacific… Life is so full of Magic, even the little dog is ready for new adventures, so yeaaah let’s keep on flying here, coz it’s magic, and I love it !



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Reproductions are printed on canvas at (80% X 80%) of the original size, already mounted on a stretcher.


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