Le Vent en Poupe (Diptych)

Diptych – Acrylic on Canvas
Each painting is 100cm x 115cm x 4.5cm
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The Left side of the diptych represents the past assignments of the Belgian Ambassador. The decor here is the house they lived in in New York, their wedding, the son, and their dog, his Mother is in the Royal Carriage, the Lebanon flag, the de-mining post in Kandahar Afghanistan, his love for violin (window bars),the plane crash in Uganda (left windows), the view form his apartment in Brussels (window reflection, second from left) and his beloved wife, there on the top looking at their future (right side of the painting). A small South-African penguin is popping up on this side, waiting for them to come to South Africa and enjoy the coming years of retirement..
This side is very much influenced by cities as Embassies are evidently not in country side with quite a few tragic events like 9/11 while he was in NY, the kalachnikov attack in Burundi, evacuation of Beirut in 2007, just to name a few…
The right side represents the future of his journey, the retirement house in South Africa, some details of his post in Indonesia, his daughter and their actual dog, the dream of building a hot air balloon company, the Seal of the Belgian Embassy that has been following all his steps around the world, the walrus of course as we are in S.Africa, the giraffe enjoying the view over the wine fields just behind the garden, Table mountain in the far distance, his two children on a memorable expedition in the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia and last but not least the symbol of Mozart’s “Enchanted Flute” a grand classic in his love for Opera. Blue skies, swimming pool, he seems delighted to be leaving office soon and to jump into his retirement paradise.”


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  1. De Loecker Stéphane

    With this diptych showcasing my family life, Olivier Lamboray made a unique masterpiece of creativity, poetry and artistic talent. This artwork is displayed at my home in Brussels, and admired by my family and my visitors. Thank you, my dear Olivier!

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