Holy Cow it’s Summer!

Acrylic on Canvas
65cm x 150cm x 4.5cm

So here we are, perfect blaze of this Summer, deep blue sky right on the beach, Man I feel good ! It all came slowly, starting in June, that USA trip really affected me so positively, it just keep coming better and better and Boy I am flying ! Definitely cruising that summer breeze like an enchantment, I am enjoying every dip of it, rowing effortless on a Love motion. I see those Ladies there, having quite a good fun under their extravagant costumes, hey…swimming suits too, right ?! Laly is totally ready, ‘s got her beach balloon, her suitcase full of all her mysterious dog’ toys, yeaaah I know, that’s a wonder, but trust me , she has good taste ! Even those two cowboys there… Wait, are they Mexicans, or even may be from Guatemala?… Well anyway, those two cowboys there have decided to leave their guns at home and take some good time, not too discreet I have to say, but hey, good fellows, enjoying their Nueva Vida… Oh Yeah ! I can feel it, this New Life has started and ahahaha yes baby, this is gonna be some kinda magic coming out my way. Annnnd…. Oh yeaaaahh, I can see it coming now…look look look, there are even two moons in the sky, must be the heat or… am I just dreaming?! Yes I am dreaming of my new life and this is just the beginning ! Holy Cow ! I can’t wait to see what’s next …



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Reproductions are printed on canvas at (80% X 80%) of the original size, already mounted on a stretcher.


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