Freedom is a Mental State

Acrylic on Canvas
45cm x 105cm x 4.5cm

There is a saying “Good players create their own luck” and surely it couldn’t be more appropriate as it is all in our head. As observers, we are involved with the creation of our own reality. Reality could even be seen as a mental projection of our thoughts, therefor the universe a mental construction. So do we restrain our self within the confinement of our limitations or do we decide to expand our experience to a further realization of the self? How beautiful to be a dreamer.
And even if I am alone in my fish bowl and it is absolutely wonderful to dream about that Big Golden Fish floating in its inner peace..
In the center of Manhattan, at Pershing Square, the sea drops me on a shore of blues, with the moon to remind me that yes, I am free to be. To be a dreamer..
I’m out of my bowl to expand my vision and to have fun.
So expect more to come coz I am flying a rocket and I see no landing in sight!
Sure, Love is All
And it’s all there…



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