Expect the Unexpected

Acrylic on Canvas
49cm x 90cm x 4.5cm
4½ months that Life brought me back to Europe and it has been an amazing Roller Coaster ride.
Taking such a huge step back brought me some perspective about the life I was living in Bali, the Life I want to live and the dreams I am chasing .
A Crossroad.
And things have changed continuously, some doors closing, some doors opening, and I love the way my life is going.
Originally there were two tracks, two possibilities, for me to keep on my journey, but as the painting evolved, the second track saw no train coming, no schedule, no destination and that leaves me with a major direction taking shape.
The clock has been set and the train is waiting, suitcase on the quai, it really seems that a new aventure is starting ?.
This is indeed our beloved little tram station in Lasne, and you can see Lasne Church in the reflection of the windows. On the first floor a couple is meeting secretly, a last encounter before disappearing.
Now, in these crazy times we live in, the two kids are here to remind us that anything can happen at any moment, taking us by surprise, unexpectedly and I love the feeling of not knowing what tomorrow will be made of, and still chasing my dreams, following the flow of Life. The unknown, the mystery, the surprise, the unexpected
I always start a painting with some ideas, a blur vision and some missing parts, then I start what I already know and at one point, the painting would take over and change the course of the story adding other subjects. And I always loved that side of not knowing what is gonna happen.
Now this one, at a very early stage of the painting, I remember running out of my studio and telling myself “I have seen it and it’s amazing !” and for the first time, I managed to create to the detail, the image that flew through my mind. And it feels that I take control over my life, my work, everything becomes so clear, definite, whole.
I am flying Baby ? and I love it.
The Dream is Alive.
Feeling unstoppable…”



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