A Thousand Ways to say I love you

Details of the painting "A Thousand Ways to Say I Love You" by Olamboray.com

Olivier Lamboray August 19, 2021 9:52 am

Acrylic on Canvas, Collage, Resin, Authentic US Telephone parts
106cm x 80cm x 5cm

I know you are there, not next to me but does distance have any meaning anymore? The shine in your eyes, brighter than the stars, the sound of your voice over the Moon, so beautifully wrapped.. We talked, we chat, it goes much further than words… You got into my emotions, we share feelings and you managed into my secret garden, you keep visiting me, and it seems that I am floating above reality.. Is this real? or am I just dreaming? Does the course of life have a lesser meaning? Even though I can still hear the waves roll on the sand I am looking at the stars and the music of the sea brings you insight, it’s the magic of these days, the magic of your words, it’s bigger than you think, it goes beyond my reach, it’s everywhere. And it keeps growing…



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