A Blue Ride for a Bronze Night

Acrylic on Canvas Board
20cm x 40cm
Commissioned painting By the Belgian Ambassador in Indonesia for their 22nd wedding anniversary.
The decor is The Residence of the Belgian Ambassador in Jakarta, The Royal carriage is the one belonging to the Royal Family Of Belgian King and is exhibited at the Chateau de Laeken.
I painted them as they were on the first day of their wedded life and opened the right side of the painting to allow them to walk further on the Path of life, together.

A new door is opening within my work and it’s very exciting ! ??Can’t wait to start the next one ?


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Reproductions are printed on canvas at (80% X 80%) of the original size, already mounted on a stretcher.

These reproductions are similar to the original painting as they are printed on canvas and already mounted on a stretcher. You can directly hang it on the wall once delivered. Shipping cost is included in the price.


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