About Olivier

Internationally award winning, Olivier Lamboray is a Belgian surrealist painter currently living in Indonesia with his 8 years old daughter. Began painting in 1992.
“After 22 years of work, study and research, I jumped a great milestone in the evolution of my work! It had been more or less two years that I was trying to lighten my architectures, turning around, breaking walls, out of the rigidness of the street and opening up to deeper horizons. And finally... I could put my finger on it! Breaking my facades brought a post-war feeling, of destruction and a lack of positivism, despite the overall elegance of the painting, so smooth.
So I prefer my architectures to evaporate, and mix with the clouds, the decor becomes more peaceful. An oneiric sensation of this dual world I live in, between dream and reality in the Time-Space frame, a deeper vision of impermanence, and the serene illusion of this world. 
A deeper research of the self, of Life itself. It is more spiritual.
Love, blowing a positive blue wind, surrounds the overall feeling of the scenery, and the presence of a huge Moon, connects us to the Greatness of the Universe. The presence of animals in my stories, that astonishingly became all blue, reflects the great value of all spectrums of life and the respect I have for the animal world, a compassion for Life in general.
I Recently made another huge step in my work and it is Fantastic, it has been a while that I was looking for a way to be able to make more paintings, but as I thrive on details, I cannot see myself reducing the quality for a quantity intent.. 
I now digitize the decor that I can use again as a base and add various combinations to create, more rapidly, alternative stories. 
It becomes a Mixed Media piece.
Not only it allows me to explore much more, it also allows me to really circle the idea and fulfill myself within the same space.. I can discover more and take more risks.
But also, it allows me to propose an affordable alternative of my work, being between a print of a painting and the original itself. 
And this is just the first step coz it opens a door to other art projects I have been thinking of for over a decade and all seem to finally fall into place.
Continuous search for balance between illusion and reality, these two worlds come together in a rich work of love and colors, a journey that takes us where the dream enchants and the heart flourishes. 
Every painting leads me closer to who I really am, a balance of pure freedom in a loving reality.
This is where I am..."
It's a journey, 
And it's amazing!


  • "Focus Prize" at Gemlucart Exhbition, Monaco, Oct 2017
  • 1er Prix du Jury at 9ème Salon de Peinture RankArt - France (Feb-2017)
  • "Prix du Public" Artempo Exibition-France (Feb-2017)
  • "Galerie Thuillier" Prize recieved at the Arts & Lettres de France exhibition (Nov-2016)
  • "Creativity Award" at the 50ème Salon d'Automne de Peinture de Muret-France (Nov 2016)
  • Front Cover of ArtQuench Magazine Issue Two, Los Angeles, USA, 2015
  • Honnor Guest at Les 111 des Arts 2014, Toulouse, France
  • Palme d'Or at Artoulouse 2014 for Figurative Painting category - Toulouse, France
  • Winner of "Five Degrees" - World art competition 2014
  • Winner of "New Master Artist 2013" - world art competition
  • Winner at "Temps et Mécanique" - Upside art - world art competition - Dijon, France
  • Prix Cotation Drouot - 12ème Salon International des Arts Plastiques et Littéraires (2013) - Toulouse, France 
  • Front Cover of American Art Book : International Contemporary Artists Vol VI (2013)
  • Palme d'Or at Artoulouse (2013) for Figurative Painting category - Toulouse, France 
  • Honnor Guest at The 6th Contemporary Art Fair of Montauban (2012) - France 
  • Winner of Kunzfetti Competition (2012) - MaasRijn Kunst Society - The Netherlands
  • Winner of "New Master Artist 2011" - world art competition

Permanent Exhibitions

  • Represented on US Territory by Mahlstedt Gallery (New-York)
  • Represented on International Art Fairs by ArtMagna® Federation
  • Permanent artist at Velvenoir - Austria
  • Permanent online exhibitor at Saatchi Gallery , London, UK
  • Permanent exhibition of reproductions at Restaurant Le Troisieme Acte, Quartier Sablon, Brussels, Belgium

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