Olivier Lamboray

Internationally award winning Surrealist Painter

About Olivier

Internationally award-winning, Olivier Lamboray (1968) is a Belgian Surrealist painter who currently lives in Germany. He has been painting since 1992 and has had many successful exhibitions in Belgium, USA, Monaco, Australia, Italy, England, Germany, France, Thailand, The Netherlands, Indonesia, and Guinea.


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Small Paintings

Surrealism 2023

Surrealism 2022

looking-at-the-stars-at-nigh Surrealism  2021

Surrealism 2020

Surrealism 2019

Surrealism 2017

Surrealism 2018

Surrealism 2016

Surrealism 2015

Surrealism 2014

Surrealism 2013

Surrealism 2012

Surrealism 2011

Watercolour Pet Portraits

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